This is my 7th and my last speech.
I spent three months in cross×road.Of course it’s to improve my English skill, but I’m not sure if my English skill got better.
What do you think about my English skill especially about my English pronunciation,stressing,linking and intonation?
I know,I need to practice them more because I still have the Japanese accent, so today I’m going to talk about the Japanese accent.

I have been studying “Mastering the American Accent”since I came here. How about you, are you studying “Mastering the American Accent”? this book is good for me because I haven’t gotten American accent yet. This example is true to every Japanese. Why do Japanese have the Japanese accent when they speak English? I think,there is trouble in Japan’s system of English education. In Japan,we were taught English pronunciation useing the Japanese accent. For example,
AND is アンド, ASIA is アジア, CAT is キャット, VOLUNTEER is ボランティア.
In addition,we were not taught about stressing,linking and intonation. For example,
“This sentence has no intonation and linKing.”
In Japanese ディス センテンス ハズ ノー イントネーション アンド リンキング.
We were not also taught the difference of [R] and [L] just like “right” or “light” and the difference between [S] and [SH]. For example, “She” or “Sea”.

I have grudge towards Japan’s system of English education. Of course we learned English in junior high school and high school, but we can never speak English if we live in Japan and if this system continues. We need to change our style for studying English in order to get correct English skill. I think,studying abroad is effective for it. Although my accent,my speaking skill and my listening skill are still not better,I could become to like English because of studying abroad.

I want to speak English more.
I want to listen to English more.
I want to talk with foreigners more.
I think determination is important in order to get good English skill.
I will graduate here this weekend, but I am thinking to keep studying English, and I hope I will get the American Accent in the future.

Finally I really appreciate my teachers because I was able to realize how important improving my English skill is.
I want to say thank you to my teachers Praise,Cha,Yen,L,Marlyn,Jerah and others.

I’ll say this again, I could become to like English because of my teachers.
Teacher’s class were very enjoyable.
I will never forget my cross×road life.

Thank you for listening to my speech.
And let’s meet again somewhere around the world.