How to work

Have a pleasant afternoon ladies and gentlemen.
Are you still students? Do you have jobs?
In any case, I think we need to work for our lives.
Today, I’m ganna express my feeling about working.

By the way,I had worked for four years as an architect.
My normal working time was from eight am to five pm. but during a busy period, I needed to work from seven am to twelve midnight.
I also worked on saturdays and holidays.
I felt the job is worth doing and enjoyable, but of course there were a lot of hard times.

The day continued thinking about only working, I realized that my heart was empty. I think Japanese are too busy.
Of course it is a fact that Japanese’s predecessor worked hard so much that Japan’s economy became affluent.
But is this really true that Japan became real affluent?
Japanese work too much that it is very difficult for them to communicate with their friends and family, and get a lot of stress. I also think there are many people who aren’t motivated and don’t want to work really hard.

On the other hand, cross×road teachers look happy with their job. I envy the teacher’s way of communicating with the students.
Although the Philippines economy might not as affluent as Japan’s, Japanese may be able to follow filipino lifestyle. But to work hard and to have responsibility are important.
There are many people who only have vague and irresponsible working mind. It’s not good.
In Japan, When we work, we must work hard to get promoted, and to have a good reputation in the company. When we have free time, we really use it for relaxation. we never think about our job. We need to have a good balance. To do my best at work is crucial.

How do you think about working? How do you want to work?
Perhaps, your life may change by your working style.
That brings me to the end of my speech, thank you for your attention.
I wish you all a very good weekend.

predecessor:前任者、先人 vague:曖昧な、漠然とした
reputation:評判 irresponsible:責任感のない人、無責任な
crucial:極めて重要な、very important