Do you know about Japan?
Surely your answer is「Yes」. But I don’t think so.
Today,I’m going to talk about Japanese’s good point.

I had a journey around Japan before I came here. Then I knew that there are many good places in Japan.I went to various places.
I will show you some pictures of those places.

Do you Know Shirakawagou?(白川郷) It is the world’s heritage in Gifu.
Do you know Mt.Fuji?(富士山)
The view from the top of the mountain is the greatest. There’s no other view which is better than this.
Do you know Asakusa? (浅草)
This place is famous for Kaminarimon(雷門),isn’t it?
Do you know Kyoto?(京都) There are many nice spots in Kyoto.
Kinkakuji(金閣寺)Kiyomizudera(清水寺)Fushimiinari(伏見稲荷大社)and etc.
There are more.
Do you know Himejijyo?(姫路城)It is also the world’s heritage in Hyogo.(兵庫)
Do you know Gunkanjima?(軍艦島) It is an island name. It looks like warship. Warship is Gunkan(軍艦)in Japanese.
Do you know Yakushima?(屋久島)This tree is the biggest tree in Yakushima.(屋久島)
It is very dynamic and beautiful.
There are many good places in Japan,but many Japanese don’t know or go there,so I think Japanese don’t know about Japan.
Japanese have to know about Japan more.

By the way,I went back to Japan last weekend. When I talked about it with my teachers,they said they want Japan’s chocolates,so I was asked to buy Japan’s chocolates for them.
It’s no problem,but I thought why teachers want chocolates.
Then I realized,Japan’s chocolate taste is the best all over the world. It is just one of the many good things in Japan. There are other good things in Japan that Japanese must be proud of, for example,
Infrastructure,Giftwrapping,Electronic machine,Japanese food and 「o・mo・te・na・shi」(おもてなし)
Omotenashi is the Japanese spirit of hospitality.

You should be proud of Japanese culture.
Anime,Manga,Kimono,Sumo,and tsukkomi.(ツッコミ)
If I were told a joke,I’d reply like this “Nandeyanen”(なんでやねん)
They are very interesting.
When I came here,I realized something. Japanese quality,Japanese culture and the difference between Japan and other countries.
In short,Japan is great.

Let me ask you again.
Do you know about Japan?
Surely when you go back to Japan,you will realize what I really mean.
That’s all. Thank you.








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