May I help you??

Let me start my speech by asking this question.

Do you help tourists with saying   “May I help you?”

When I live in Japan, I met two tourists who are stumped about buying train ticket. They don’t know how to buy ticket.
So I ask them saying “ May I help you?” After that they understood how to buy train ticket, and they said to me Thank you in Japanese. At that time, I felt happy because I was able to help them.
Recently, the number of tourists who come to Japan is increasing, so opportunities which help foreigners is also increasing.

I think this is the perfect chance to show to them that Japanese people are helpful. Even if you don’t have confidence in your English skill we should help them.
Importance is our heart like asking if they need help. Impression of country which tourists visit is decided by support of local people. Local people who meet with tourists are very few.
So, action of one person decide the impression. In fact, when I traveled around the world I became to like the country because of the help of local people.

We should be the representative of Japan When we are involved with tourists. Our action decide Japan’s impression.

If you don’t have confidence in your English skill, let’s practice saying now ”May I help you?”

That’s all.