Work-life balance

Have a pleasant afternoon everyone.
Thank you so very much for attending this speech class.
First off, to the new students, welcome to CxR. I hope your stay here is wonderful.
There are many people who have variety of experiences, so you can get an encouragement from them.
And I have to congratulate the incredible graduate this week for unbelievable performances in CxR.

By the way, I’m not sure, if all of you in this room know about me, so please allow me to introduce myself first.

My name is Yuya. A pleasant meeting to the new students.
I’m here as an intern so I work for 5 hours in a day or 25 hours in a week. I have lessons a 4 hours class for free that serves as my salary.
My main task is writing a blog which gives information for Japanese world travelers. With this, I can get some knowledge and skills on how to write articles online.

On the other hand, I learn English every day. Of course it’s my first goal.
So I have to work and take classes at the same time. I do self-study and interact with all of the people in this school.

Since I came here I have been in trouble with balancing between my work and studies.
When I came to CxR as a student 2 years ago, I could concentrate only on studying, but now I have to concentrate on my task too.
So, I realize the value of having time for yourself.

Not just only me, but also other students and staff have lack of time to do what they want. We must be able to handle our schedules well. We should adjust to our lifework and our priorities.

Definitely it depends on us. If you only wanna study, just study and don’t work.
If you only wanna talk, you just talk and focus.
Time is short and limited, so we must follow our desire and shouldn’t waste our time.

That brings me to the end of my speech, thank you for listening.
I wish you all a very nice weekend.
Thank you so very much.

desire : 欲望、要求 interact : 交流する  value : 大切にする Definitely : 結局