The Palestinian problem

Last speech, I talked about religion because I got interested in it, during my world trip. Especially When I visited Israel and Palestine.
Causes of a lot of problems in the world is religion, so I talked about it last speech.

This time, I want to explain the biggest and the most important problem in the world that we should know “ the palestinian problem”.
Have you heard this problem? What is the palestinian problem at all? It’s really complex things, but I can simply say, it’s a conflict between Arab people and Jewish people for land of the palestine. If we know this thing, we need to know the history of Israel.

Many years ago like 3000 years, Jews had been lived and reigned the land of palestine. Jews believed that the place is given by God. But the nation of jew was destroyed by the Roman Empire and most of Jews moved to the Europe or other countries.
Then arabs initiated to live this land. Jews who moved to other places in the world were discriminated. Most famous history was the “ Holocaust”. You know it, right?
Jews thought that the reason of discrimination is they don’t have their own country, so they must take back their previous own land, the palestine.
At the same time, the world war first happened. Ottoman Empire had been reigned the land of palestine at that time. Ottoman Empire was the previous name of Turkey.
They had conflict with the UK, France and Russia. Then the UK made three unbelievable promises with Jews, Arabs and the allies of France and Russia before the war.

First, the UK would help to build nation for Jews in Palestine if they give financial aid for war.
Second, they would help to attain independence as a nation for arabs if they join together for war.
The last one was the UK would divide the benefits with France and Russia if they support the UK. That’s why the UK won the war.
However, after the war, Jew and Arab fell into chaos and have been conflicted until now.

New conflict started between Jew and Arab by each insistences in getting the land of Palestine.
The UK suggested them to divide the land equally, but they don’t agree with it.
So, the U.N. intervened and decided the conclusion instead of the UK. However, they don’t still agree the conclusion especially the Arab side. They do never want to divide the land for Jews.
But Jews ignored Arab’s insistence and decided independence themselve. Of course arabs got angry and attacked Israel. It was the middle east war.
The war happened four times and as a result Israel won.

On the other hand, most of arabs who had been lived in Palestine had to move because of the war, and they were called “ Palestinian refugee”.
Now, palestinian have been living in Autonomous area of the palestinian where in Israel.
The palestinian area is admitted as a nation but Israel is reigning palestinian indeed. That’s why palestinians don’t have freedom. This is “ the palestinian problem” and there aren’t any solutions because of each insistence.

Although I’m done explaining about this history, I visited there indeed and understood their insistences by talking to people who are living in Israel and Palestine.
If you visit there, you will feel their mind and be able to know the most important thing in the world. I hope for it and I want you to think about it.
That’s all. Thank you for listening to my serious speech.