The benefits of writing a blog

Hi there.
Who writes a blog here?? Do you interested in blog?

I’ve had my own blog since I resigned from my job, because I started traveling and I wanted to share my experiences on my blog. So I continued to write articles for a long time, and then I noticed that due to the blog, I earned some things.
I wanna introduce some benefits of writing a blog.

At first, a blog is a place where you transmit some information including your opinions. If you have some messages that you wanna convey, you could transmit it. It means you can communicate with someone without meeting.
This is the first benefit of starting a blog.

After that, someone who checked my articles sometimes contacts me. So, you would make a connection or friends if you have a blog and share your opinions.
Some people ask me some questions about my interest regarding the article that I write.
In addition, I sometimes could get a job.
This is second benefit.

The third one is to marshal my ideas. When I put my ideas on my blog as words,
it will spread gradually.
To convert your opinion to words from your brain is important to you. Your idea will be definitive.

You won’t realize these things without doing it. I recommend you to write a blog even though you don’t have any technique to write articles. You don’t need to worry. You will learn how to write. Practice makes perfect. Everythings like that, right?
So, join us now.