I’ve traveled around the world before coming here in CxR.
A lot of friends asked me about  “Which country is the best or recommendable place to visit?”
This question is really difficult to answer because I have great and various unforgettable memories in each country.

However, I have two memorable countries among all countries that I visited.
They are Israel and Palestine.

People can learn a lot of important things, especially about religion and the biggest problem in the world if they visit there.
Especially, most of the Japanese don’t think about religion, that causes a lot problems in the world.
We may never understand about it, so I want this speech to give you an occasion which you get interested in.

My first occasion to consider about was religion, when I stayed in CxR 2 years ago.
I visit to a church for a mass with housekeeper Lyn, because she invited me to go there and when I told her that I was interested a little about it.
Then, I heard a holy speech from a priest, and the sisters cried.
I thought why they could be so emotional? If you want to know about the meaning what I said, you can ask Lyn to go with her for a mass. I think she will invite you.

The second one was when I visited India. Most of the Indians were Hindus. The elderly who were Hindus went to a sanctuary of Hindu “Varanashi” before they die, even though they don’t have enough money and power to visit there, but they want to die in sanctuary.
In addition, same Indians were happy even if they didn’t have much money and luxuries to spend comfortably in their lives. Religion has some power to change their minds.

The third one was when I visited to “Lalibela” in ethiopia. There were many churches that made from rock. They made hollow of the rocks. It took about 120 years to create these churches. It wasn’t easy for them to make because these materials came from rocks, but people in the past succeeded it. Was it possible?
I couldn’t believe that religion had the power to unite people because they have strong devotion.

The final one was when I visited Israel. Many Jews were living in Israel. They looked very strange. They were wearing hut and black cloth everywhere and had long sideburns.
They prayed long instead of working long hours. Government supported them when they prayed every day, even though they didn’t get any benefits from the government.

Religion creates strange people’s from and strange work. I’m very interested in it, but it makes problem or conflict, fight or war, and poor people too.

I have seen many kinds of religions during my travel that includes buddhism in my country, I can’t understand to the end “ What is religion?”
I also think that if there is a serious problem like war and conflict are made because of religion, we shouldn’t have any religion. If you have a chance to think about religion, please think about it.
I want to know your feeling or answer. What is religion for you and the world itself?

That’s all.