Reason to study English

Thank you very much for listening to my speech every week.
First off, I have to congratulate the incredible graduates this week for unbelievable performances in CxR.

Everyone, especially graduates always said “ Time flies so fast”. I really think so because 3 months already past since I came here. I can’t believe it.
I’m not sure my English skills have improved, but I have to continue studying English like what you do, because our goal is to motivate ourselves by studying English, right??

However, sometimes the motivation for learning getting down. This problem happens due to our feeling, body condition or our circumstances.
I think students who spend for a long time like more than 2 months here might understand this meaning.

But if you hesitate to learn English, you will reconsider your purpose of coming here.
What brought you here.
Someone in this room is going to go abroad for traveling around the world, working holiday and taking job abroad.
We can make it clear our motivation. Otherwise, there is nothing meaningful to study here.

My respectable person says “What’s the lacking for people who want to get English skills?”
He continues saying “We should put the ideal model whom we want to be by ourselves”.
If you put your model by yourself, you would keep involving English in life and you won’t forget your goal.
We should take into our life about the real experience that we can find the reason or goal to learn English.
This is necessary and important.

What brought you here? Do you have definite goal? Are you putting yourself like an ideal model?
Let’s go for it together.

That brings me to the end of my speech, thank you for listening.
I wish you all a very nice weekend.


incredible : 信じられないほど素晴らしい

incentive : 動機

due to : ~が原因で

circumstance : 状況、事情

hesitate : 行動をためらう、気が進まない

reconsider : 再考する、考え直す

involve : 関わる

ideal : 理想の