Need and Importance of English

I think there are still a lot of people who haven’t talked with me yet, I’m working and studying as an intern.

My name is YUYA.  Nice to meet you.

Actually I came here 2 years ago. My purpose was for traveling. I’ve traveled around the world after graduated in CXR. So I wanted to talk about my trip actually, but I’ll just talk about it on my last weekend here.

This time I’m going to talk about “the need and importance of English which I felt during my trip.
“Do we need English for overseas trip or traveling around the world?”
In my opinion, of course “Need it.”

Even if you live in Japan, I think you should learn some English words.
However, I don’t think English is everything, but English teach us a lot of things. The most important thing is our heart. There are a lot of opportunities to make friends with foreigners without talking in English by using body language. some local people like in Thailand, in Brazil, in Spain were glad when I say “Hello” or “Thank you” in their language.

Some travelers who came back to Japan after they traveled say “Of course it’s better to speak English, but we can travel without using English.”
why they said that because they don’t think of giving up traveling because of English. But it is a waste to travel without learning it.
Blow the chance to interact with foreigners, tourists and local people to know their culture and history.
Although my English skill is still developing, I could ask to people questions, I could some friends, I could explain myself when I encounter trouble. To learn English is know-how to enjoy traveling more.

When I went to china, I was disappointed because chinese couldn’t understand my English.
If some tourists come to Japan, we don’t let them feel like that.
I hope they can spend a fun time in Japan.

I hope Japanese people will be able to speak English in the future. And of course I want my English skill to improve more and more. That’s why I came back here. So, let’s keep learning and enjoy together.

Thank you.