Keep studying, Keep believing

This is my 18th and last speech.
First off, I have to apologize to everyone because you got sick because of my sharing.
So sorry everyone. Don’t miss my cough.

Totally, I’ve spent for 7 months here. I was an intern though I always stayed in G1.
I think some people don’t know me, so please allow me to introduce about myself.

Actually, I spent 3 months here as a student 2 years ago.
At that time I could never speak anything in English like “I want to ~”, ”Can I ~?”, ”Could you~?”, or something like that.
But now, I’m speaking English in front of you like this.
After I spent first time here, My life changed.
I could start my travel around the world, I could make many foreign friends and laugh together, I could help foreigners who went to Japan and had some problems during their trip. I’m not afraid anymore when I get on a taxi in abroad.
So, here is my turning point in life. And I came back here again.

CROSS ROAD gave me a lot of things this time as well.
Not only English but as well as --
-- family and friends who always talk with me and gave effort to each other to achieve our goals,
-- my goal of English,
-- my girlfriend,
-- my improved writing skills for my blog which I became more knowledgeable,
-- and especially, English skills.

So, I can’t thank you enough Taku-san, because you established this wonderful English academy :Cross road and gave me many opportunities to obtain those things.
You always show us the way that we should head for. If someone consults you,
you always listen to them and give them advice even if you don’t have enough time because of busyness.
You are an ideal model to me and thank you for casting me and teaching me a lot of things.
And, let me consult you again, one of these days.

Teachers taught me English skills. I’m not sure if they think about how much I have improved. But I’ve gained a little confidence at least and I can converse more fluently than before.
2 years ago, there was nothing to me that I can speak in English. But I’m able to converse with you and with foreigners because of you.
Although you might think my motivation is low, I want to continue studying English. Thanks to the teachers. I’m not here without you.
To the students, you can follow your teacher’s teachings, of course, with your tireless efforts. Trust your teachers.

And I found my goal of English here. Since I saw Kenta-san’s English skills,
I always think I really want to be like him.
So,Kenta-san, my mind will not change and I may ask you when I am lost with English.
I always appreciate and trust you. You have ignited my motivation. I wanna see you succeed in the future. Is it too much to say?

And as you know, I came here as an intern. My task is writing a blog.
My co-workers, Ayumi-san, Hanae-san and Somac, I always worked with you guys and you supported me all the time. If you weren’t here, I couldn’t achieve my goals definitely.
Ayumi-san, we published an electronic book. It’s our achievement. So,let’s drink and toast to this. Hanae-san, Soma-kun, let’s meet again in Fukuoka soon.
I hope to work with you again someday and I wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life.

And I’ve met super cool guys who have --
-- high English skills and cute,
-- a muscular body with a pretty teacher,
-- a friendly personality with a kind girlfriend,
-- an open-minded with a wonderful boyfriend.
Yes, I’m talking about Yuria, Mao, Keitaro and Shiori.
Hey guys, what’s up? I’m lucky to come here at this period of time because I could meet you guys. You always look so happy in your life. Of course, you were struggling finding your ways and goals like me at that time and until now, right??
But, we always keep going and face the challenges in life. Therefore, I follow your stance and hope when we meet again, we will be all successful and happier.
I do not take for granted that we met by chance. Keitaro, you think so right?

By the way, How is your school life everyone? If you feel comfortable, it’s because of the staff and the interns, Daisuke-san, Mayumi-san, Ayaka, Yasshi, Osugi-san and the housekeepers.
They always care about the students. When I came here for the first time as a student, I just always focus on studying or enjoying at that time. The reason that I could only concentrate on those things was because of them. I realized those facts when I came here this time as an intern. I often look at their job and hospitality.
They love the students. they love Crossroad.
I also have to say, I’m sorry for not being able to help you a lot. Though you always supported me. I respect you and Iove your personality. I’m so glad to be one of the members of the family. Keep in touch forever ! Love you guys.

Finally, as you know there is one greatest mother Miyu-san and three cutest angels here, Yuma, Yuzuki and…..John!
this school won’t also exist without Miyu-san and I’m looking forward to their future.
Miyu-san, Yuma, Yuzuki shared their happiness with me. John-san shared his alcohol with me and taught me how to be drunk.
Thank you guys. We had good memories in G1.

Lastly, to the students, this is my message.
I’ve said earlier, I couldn’t speak English but now, I can.
I know I was lack of effort but I studied hard. I did.
There is nobody who will not be able to speak English here. So, If you can’t speak now, just give you yourself more time to study. Don’t doubt your ability.
Just keep studying, keep believing. Many people might not believe you, but only you can believe in yourself. So, trust yourself.
We always choose our life, our goal and our future. Your choice makes who you are.
I hope you choose the best way.
Again, Keep studying, Keep believing.

Thank you all so very much.
That’s all.