How to study English

How is your school ? How about your English studies ?
Since we came here in CxR, we are studying hard, right ?

We have some reasons, we want to improve English skills to talk to people in English or
to get good scores on some exams or something like that.
So, we want to learn English with efficiency. I think some students think “how should I study English?” same here.
But I obviously don’t have the answer to that because each of us has different answers for that. Everybody has a different learning style.

So, you need to understand what you’re learning style is.
First, let’s find out what kind of learner you are. There is said to be three types of learners.

The first type is a Visual learner. Those who learn by seeing.
Visual learners need quiet time to study and have to think before understanding a lecture. They find it easier to understand If charts and graphs are associated with.

Second is an auditory learner.
They like to read out aloud and are not afraid to speak up in class. But, they can’t keep quite fo long period of time. They enjoy acting, being on stage and like to study in groups.

Lastly, kinesthetic learners.
They can’t sit still for a long time and are not good at spellng. Many times, they study while listening to music and fidgeting during lectures.

Maybe, there are some points that you think ”oh that’s me!” so, let’s go through the suggested studying methods for each of these learning styles really quick.
Now, let’s find out what studying method works fo you.

If you are a visual learner, it’s suggested that you copy things. If you’re trying to learn how to say a certain phrase, copy that phrase and write it over and over again and let your eyes absorb that information.
In addicion, you can highlight things when you’re reading from a text book or use flash cards.

If you are an auditory learners, you should record lectures. They should also watch videos and they can listen to audio files. Repeat facts with your eyes closed. You can hear yourself saying things and participate in discussions like going to a group lesson. You just wanna make sure that everything you absorb is through your auditory system.

If you are a kinesthetic learner, you should study in short blocks. For instance, go to the party or social events where you can actually use English.
Do a lot of role playing or do simulations. we role play phrases, study with other people and use memory games.

So, with that information, I hope you can kind of start to see what type of learner you are. Take these suggested studying methods and see if they work well for you.
Obviously, language is not that simple though. So, I don’t think that you can learn with just one method. I think you have to incorporate other styles as well.
If you are a visual learner, you can’t just look at English all of the time, you have to hear it and you have to use it.

So it is a combination of all three learning styles to learn a language. But if you understand which one you’re really good at absorbing in, you can use that as your major method of studying. There are different tools that target will help you enhance you learning style.
check it out yourself, see what’s working and what’s not. You’ve gotta develop your own studying style.

That’s all.