Hitch hiking

Today, I want to share my experiences.
Have you tried hitch hiking? Hitch hiking is the way that we can ride for free. People negotiate with the driver to take them to their destination.

I’ve hitch hiked for many times in Japan and abroad. Before I first came here in CXR as a student, I’ve traveled around Japan by hitch hiking and traveled through the west and east of Europe during my world trip.
Today, I’ve done this more than one hundred times. All the drivers invited me to stay in his house, some drivers treat me for dinner and more.

I wonder why they helped me even though I am a complete stranger.
On the other hand, they had also hitch hiked years ago, so they gave me some helpful ideas. They were being helped by the drivers so as a result they also helped me.
It’s how they pay their debt by doing the same thing.

Now, after I experienced those things I realized something. It is to be kind to everybody, and be hospitable.
Some of them are still my friends and we continue to communicate on SNS.

Aside from that, I have to speak in English and talked a lot of things while going to my destination.
Some drivers couldn’t speak in English but they still continue talking to me in English.
So, hitch hiking helped me a lot to improve my English skill, and the ability of communication.

Anyway, if you are interested you can try it. It gives you great experienced which can’t be replaced with anything.
Only people who have experienced it can understand the feeling. So I encourage you to try it.
That’s all