DEGAWA English

Today, I’m going to talk about the most important thing if you want to learn English especially for beginners.
At first, let me ask and explain. Do you know “Degawa English?”

Degawa is a japanese comedian who appear on variety TV program. He is appearing on one of the projects which challenge his ability to ask questions to foreigners using the English language.
He and the other actress who can speak English very well like native speaker ask people to respond to their question.
I say it again, she speaks fluently but Degawa can’t. I can show an example of his ability on TV program by using youtube.

He asked people some questions using his English skill. And then he could get answer easily.
On the other hand, she couldn’t get answer from people. He doesn’t have a lot of vocabulary, doesn’t speak correct sentences, his pronunciation is awful.
But he isn’t afraid to speak.

Most Japanese people misinterpret how to learn English. We have to speak at first.
If you don’t have confidence to speak correct sentences, you should try to speak first.

Of course, you shouldn’t follow his English. HIs English is wrong, but we should follow his mind and stance that we shouldn’t be afraid to speak.

Our fear to speak English might decrease but if we feel hesitant to speak English. We can recall his mind.
I also don’t have confidence about my English skill, so I rember his story.

That is the most important thing to improve our English skill.
That’s all.